About Us

| Design | Cleanliness | Value | Service |


These four words define us as a company and keep our team and brand aligned, focused, and stoked to continue to make the best tattoo kits in the world for our epic customers.

As tattoos (specifically hand poke tattoos) have become a solidified passion across the world, we invite you to discover how these kits and accessories are designed and constructed with the following 4  definitive traits in mind

| Design | 

Every angle, and design aesthetic with our products are completely customized and meticulously crafted by experience tattoo artists and machinery experts with years of experience. Our kits are truly the best of the best. Every item in every kit is custom designed and uniquely made only for the Looney Zoo. We cut out the middle man & used the extra money to make these tattoo kits and accessories  the best they can possibly be.

| Cleanliness |

 Every kit and every accessory item in each kit have been carefully sanitized and packaged to ensure pristine quality and cleanliness with each and every single tattoo.

| Value |

 By selling direct to you, we are able to cut out the retail store markup. We use that extra money from ‘tattoo shop margin’ to further improve our kits to guarantee the best bang for your buck in the industry. We don’t have contracts with tattoo shops like other big tattoo brands, and we do it on purpose.  We make sure that we offer the highest quality tattoo kits and accessories at the best value prices direct to you!

| Service |

We are a friends-n-family owned and operated company. We treat every customer as if they are one of our lifeline friends and make sure everyone is stoked on our customer service. Check our impeccable 5 Star track record, our customer service is with real humans (no bots) and is the best in industry. We truly have your back and we literally bend over backwards to make sure you are completely stoked with your order.




Looney Zoo started with a small group of friends who were accustomed to hand poke tattoos done the old school (sketchy) way with sewing needles, thread and ink. Since then we have focused on customizing our very own tools, needles, ink, and other tattoo related items to make sure any and all who want to hand poke tattoos have access to the safest, cleanest, and best overall kits in the world, shipped directly to their door!