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  • Artist Highlight: Jayna Won

    Artist Highlight: Jayna Won   Here at The Looney Zoo, we’re all about providing you guys with valuable information and insight into the tattoo industry. This time, we’d like to take a little bit of a different approach by highlighting an artist that we absolutely love and highly respect, Jayna Wo...
  • Best Spot to Get a First Tattoo

    Best Spot to Get a First Tattoo  Getting a tattoo for the first time is a big deal! When you finally pick out the perfect design, you’ll probably ask yourself, “Where should I get my first tattoo?” One of the most exciting things about getting a tattoo for the first time ever is the fact that the...
  • How to Set up a Clean Tattoo Workstation

    Setting up a tattoo workstation properly is very important. Each tattoo artist might set up their stations a little bit differently, depending on their workflow and style, but they will most likely all set up their workstation exactly the same every time.